Your Own Beautiful, Abundant, Nutritious Raw Food Garden


Looking great and providing healthy food all year round

Ready for a change?

  • Are you dreaming of growing your own delicious and nutritious food?
  • Have you always wanted a beautiful garden?
  • Would you like to enjoy fresh, healthy food every day, but frequent shopping isn’t an option? And does your fridge sometimes present interesting surprises from last week’s shopping?
  • Are you concerned about food miles?
  • Are you worried about what’s in conventional food but wonder if organic food is worth the extra cost?
  • Would you love to avoid future 5 pm “What can I have for dinner?” panics?
  • Do you find superfoods intriguing but too expensive?
  • And most of all, are you dismayed by your increasing grocery bills every time you go shopping?

Ready to take the first step?

Concerns about time, space, ideas and information need not stop you any longer.

Let my 18+ years of gardening experience with many situations, climates and soils help you create a bountiful garden supplying you and your family with fresh, nutritious harvests for many years to come.

Products and Services

blossom-squareTo guide you in rediscovering the culinary experience of growing and eating flowers and their surprising nutritional value, I’ve partnered up with world-class raw food chef Deborah Durrant. We can’t wait to share our findings and our brand new culinary developments with you. You’ll discover all the secrets of using flowers in your cuisine in our four-week online learning experience that shows you not only how to use edible flowers but also how to grow them.

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